Awlcraft 2000 - Metallics

Awlcraft 2000 Metallic Salsa Red - Quart

Acrylic Urethane Topcoat Base
By: Awlgrip

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The color chips are for guideline purposes only and cannot be guaranteed to match the actual color in the can.

AWLCRAFT® 2000 Metallics are mixed the same way as conventional AWLCRAFT 2000 topcoats. Through the use of flow stabilizers, metallic flake float has been drastically reduced, and color consistency is improved. These new formulas will allow applicators to quickly and easily apply metallics for a finish with outstanding color, brilliance and luster. AWLCRAFT 2000 metallic flakes are pre-mixed into the pigmented color base which is applied in the same way as conventional pigmented AWLCRAFT 2000 topcoats.
• Notes:- Metallic topcoats must be applied over the appropriate Awlgrip primer or Awlcraft 2000 topcoat that has cured 12-24 hours and has been sanded until all gloss is removed.
• (Optional) Metallics may be clear coated when applied as a base coat/clear coat application.

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