G3039 Awlcat No. 5 - Reduced VOC Spray Converter
G3039 Awlcat No. 5 - Reduced VOC Spray Converter

G3039 Awlcat No. 5 - Reduced VOC Spray Converter

For Spray Application of Any Awlgrip® Topcoat • Visiibly Improves DOI of Awlcraft 2000
By: Awlgrip

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Awlcat #5 is a Spray Converter for both Awlgrip® and Awlcraft 2000 topcoats - and offers specific benefits for each.
Awlcat #5 is used in the same way as other converters but with the bonus of having a lower VOC content. This gives applicators working in VOC-regulated environments increased choice in selecting an Awlgrip finish, with minimal change to how they use and apply their chosen topcoat.

Used with Awlgrip® -
For the first time, using Awlcat #5 allows for VOC-compliant Awlgrip Topcoats.
Now every Awlgrip color can meet the toughest of VOC regulations - as measured against South Coast Rule 1106.1 - while still retaining the same exceptional finish as using Awlcat #2.
• VOC compliant high performance polyester urethane topcoat - all colors meet the <490 gm/liter VOC standard
• High gloss appearance and color retenton over time
• Exceptional durability; long lasting finish
• Low maintenance
• Easy to mix (1 part base:1 part converter:0.5 part reducer)
• Apply by conventional, HVLP, or air assisted airless spray
NOTE - When switching from using Awlcat #2 to Awlcat #5 with Awlgrip topcoats, the paint will behave differently than you are used to. See below^ for further details. Awlgrip recommends first time users get in touch with your local Awlgrip Technical Representative - call Fisheries Supply at 800-426-6930, and we will assist you.

Used with Awlcraft 2000 -
A potential game changer, Awlcat #5 produces visibly increased DOI** over Awlcraft 2000's already outstanding finish.
Additionally, with Awlcat #5 Converter (and using the T0163 Reducer), the paint can be applied in thicker films and with less overspray — so many Awlcraft 2000 colors will require only 2 coats for complete coverage, instead of the commonly required 3 coats. This provides significant time savings for the applicator, as well as a modest saving in the amount of material used.
Furthermore, for those working in a VOC regulated environment, most Awlcraft 2000 colors are also VOC compliant when converted with Awlcat #5. See below for further details.
• High performance acrylic urethane topcoat
• Two coat application on most colors
• VOC compliant on most colors
• Increased DOI and flow
• Repairable
• Long lasting gloss and color retention
• Easy to apply, buffable
• Easy to mix (2 parts base:1 part converter)
• Faster tack time - for less chance of dust pick up
• Fast drying - for reduced overall working times and labor costs
• Apply by conventional or HVLP spray

Even though Awlcat #5 has a VOC exempt solvent blend, it was developed using the same resin as Awlgrip Awlcat #2 & Awlcat #4 spray converters. This means that when using Awlcat #5, it is mixed and used in exactly the same way as current converters - so there is no change to the way you work. (See below^, however, for details about how Awlgrip will behave differently once it is applied.)
Even if you are not subject to VOC regulations, many workers will appreciate the approximate 20 - 25% reduction in VOCs afforded by using Awlcat #5 over Awlcat #2.

To be fully VOC compliant when using Awlcat #5 a compliant reducer must also be used.
For example, T0163 VOC Reducer is a very fast reducer that promotes drying with thicker wet film thicknesses. If you need to slow down the evaporation rate of T0163, you can combine the T0163 with one of the standard reducers such as T0003 Standard Reducer, or even T0005 Hot Weather (Slow) Reducer for even slower evaporation.

For example, a typical mix for Awlcraft 2000 with Awlcat #5 would be 2 parts Awlcraft base color, 1 part Awlcat #5, 1 part T0163 Fast Reducer.
If you want to slow the evaporation rate further, mix 2 parts Awlcraft base color, 1 part Awlcat #5, and 3/4 part T0163 Fast Reducer with 1/4 part T0005 Hot Weather (Slow) Reducer.

** DOI - Distinction Of Image, can be thought of as "clarity of reflection".
While gloss measures reflection of light off a surface, DOI measures the scattering of that reflected light. Both of these qualities are important in the viewer's perception of the "quailty" of the paint finish.

The VOC standards for Awlcraft 2000 are more stringent (<420 gm/liter) than for the slightly higher gloss Awlgrip coatings. So, even when using Awlcat #5, not every color is compliant.
Please refer to this Awlcraft 2000 VOC Color Chart for specific VOC emissions data about particular Awlcraft 2000 colors when converted with Awlcat #5.
Note that the colors listed in green are compliant, while those listed in red are not.

^ When converted with Awlcat #5, Awlgrip topcoats will go on "peely" and appear to not flow compared to what you are used to when the Awlgrip is converted with Awlcat #2.
The solution is to wait. After a few moments, the paint film will begin to flow, and you will get the results you were expecting.
You might be tempted to spray a little more, but if you do, when the paint does begin to flow you will get runs.

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