T0001 Reducer

T0001 Fast Topcoat Spray Reducer

Fast Evaporating Reducer for Spray Applied Urethane Topcoats
By: Awlgrip

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Use T0001 to reduce the viscosity of Awlgrip® Topcoats and improve flow and leveling when application and cure temperatures are between 60 to 70°F and 80 to 90°F.

T0001 Reducer can be used with Awlgrip, Awlcraft 2000, and Awlcraft SE topcoats. T0001 is also recommended for use with Quik-Grip Primer and Awlbrite Quik-Fil Clear.

• Add T0001 at up to 25% of the total volume of the mixed color base and converter
• The mix ratio for gloss finishes would be 1:1:1/2 by volume
• At higher temperatures T0001 may be added at up to 40% of the mixed color base and converter to overcome the faster evaporation rates
• Note: This reducer may also be used to reduce Awlcraft® 2000. Mix ratio would be 2:1:3/4 - 2:1:1 by volume

Heavy on the technical side...

All reducers for Awlgrip, Awlcraft 2000 and Awlcraft SE Topcoats can be blended with each other in any ratio to fine tune flow and evaporation rates. Most Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000 Topcoats recommend up to 25% reduction.
The reduction percentage is calculated from the combined total of the base component and converter component. Mixing a quart of base and a quart of converter yields 2 quarts of mixed base and converter: A 25% reduction would require 1/2 quart of reducer.

At higher temperatures, reducers evaporate faster. When painting in hot conditions increasing the amount of reducer in the mix by 5 - 10% will help compensate for this factor. At some point, however, you may decide to simply switch to a slower evaporating reducer to further extend the sprayability (or brushability for Awlgrip).

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