Max Charge MC-612  -  Dual Multi-Stage Alternator Regulator

Max Charge MC-612 - Dual Multi-Stage Alternator Regulator

Two Alternators, Single Engine
By: Balmar

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MC-612-DUAL regulators have dual field outputs to provide field current to two alternators on the same engine. This eliminates the need for splitting and splicing the field wire in dual alternator installations.
Unlike automotive and OEM marine alternator regulators, multi-stage Max Charge regulators modify the charging voltage to meet the charge state, battery type, and temperature of large marine battery banks - ensuring quick, full charging.
On engine startup, the Max Charge gently ramps up to full bulk charging voltage, where most of the charging occurs. Once the bulk charge requirements of the batteries are met, the regulator reduces to absorption voltage for a more complete charge, and later further reduces to float voltage - where the alternator is able to supply enough charging current to replace whatever electrical load the vessel demands, without overcharging the batteries.
• Microprocessor provides 7 individualized charging profiles for: “universal”, lead-acid starting, lead-acid deep cycle, gel, absorbed glass mat, spiral wound AGM (Optima), or halogen batteries
• Combination of up to a dozen timed and calculation based segments ensure regulator remains in each stage of charge: bulk, absorption, float - for as little or as long is required
• Adjustable start delay allows engine and belt warm-up before the alternator applies horsepower load to the system
• Adjustable belt load manager programming
• 3-digit LED alphanumeric readout
• Monitors and compensates for alternator and battery temperature when equipped with optional sensors (sold separately); battery temp sensor (BAL MC-TS-B), alternator temperature sensor (BAL MC-TS-A)
• Available harness is 54" long - includes power, field, ignition, stator, & ground wires, and fused sense wire pigtail

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