SLT Self-Leveling Tabs - Complete System for Small Boats
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SLT Self-Leveling Tabs - Complete System for Small Boats

Affordable Tabs for Boats From 10 to 20 ft • Instantly Improve Boat Performance with Spring-Loaded SLTs
By: Bennett

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Even small boats need trim tabs! Installing trim tabs decreases the time in "transition mode" between displacement and planing, increases top end speed, and smooths a rough ride by lowering the bow. This is all in addition to saving money due to the resulting increase in fuel efficiency.

Now you can enjoy the durability of Bennett trim tabs in a quick and easy, transom-only trim tab system. There are no hydraulics needed – simply mount the two actuators and trim tabs and you’re on your way to a smoother ride.
These SLT kits are ideal for RIBs, skiffs and runabouts.

The SLT reacts instantly to boat speed and water pressure by adding trim when it’s needed. At slower speeds, when the boat is trying to get on plane, the actuators hold the trim tabs down, which lifts the stern and simultaneously puts the boat at planing attitude. On plane, and as the boat’s speed increases, water pressure pushes the tabs up. You will enjoy a smoother ride while the SLT does all the work.

Watch this informative short video demonstrating the benefits and use of Bennett's SLT Trim Tabs on smaller boats.

Bennett Self-Leveling Trim Tabs offer a simple, durable and affordable spring-action trimming solution
• Available in two sizes for boats from 10 to 20 ft
• Quick and easy installation, there is nothing to do inside the boat – just mount the actuators and trim tabs on the transom
• Stainless steel (trim tabs), high impact nylon composite (actuators)
• Tabs react instantly to boat speed and water pressure, adding trim when needed
• Plane at lower speeds
• Reduce pounding and improve your hole shot
• Eliminate porpoising and chine walking
• Reduce engine laboring and improve fuel efficiency
• Limited lifetime warranty on actuators

Note that these spring-loaded SLT trim tabs are always deployed (in the "down" position). This means that in reverse gear, they can slightly impede the movement of the boat, and at higher reverse speeds can cause the stern of the boat to dig deeper in the water with an adverse effect on performance.
For boats less than about 15 ft, however, SLT tabs - at less than half the price of hydraulic or electric trim tabs - will still be your best choice.

What's in the box —
• (2) stainless steel trim tabs with interlocking hinges
• (2) actuators
• All necessary stainless steel hardware

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