500A ML-Series Solenoid Remote On/Off Battery Switch - with Manual Control & Auto-Release


#7713 & 7717 • Magnetic Latching Solenoid Provides High-Current Remote Battery Switching

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The 7713 is a specialty battery switch appropriate for probably less than 5% of installations using a magnetic latching remote battery switch.
In conrtrast to the more commonly used 7700 remote switch in which the switch controlling remote circuit requires no current to maintain the solenoid in either the On or Off state, the 7713 control circuit requires a very tiny current to maintain the switch in the On position.
This allows the 7713 control circuit to be used to control the solenoid. Additionally, the included switch in the 7700 is while the included switch in the 7713 is has a user interface with an for users specifically wanting to switch

No more crawling into the engine compartment, lifting floorboards, or piling up cushions to change over your battery switch. You can use this convenient solenoid battery switch to connect or disconnect your battery banks remotely from the cockpit or control panel, without having to access the actual battery switch.

Unlike typical solenoids which are only activated when a current is present, the magnetic latching feature of these solenoid battery switches means that the battery switch will remain in either state (contacts open or closed) until changed by the operator.

These models of the 500A ML Remote Battery Switch feature a manual control knob right on the solenoid, in addition to the remote control feature. The manual version provides an added level of safety by allowing control of the solenoid with or without electric power.
If a local manual control is not required in your installation, use the ML Remote Solenoid Battery Switch version - see Related Products, below.

For use with inboard gasoline or diesel engines, this switch reduces long runs of heavy battery cables because it activates with low currents through small wires. No current draw, except to actually change the configuration of the switch.

• Silver alloy contacts provide high reliability in high amperage switching
• 3/8" tin-plated copper studs can accept multiple 4/0 AWG cable max.
• SAE J1171 ignition protected; UL rated; CE marked
• Label recesses for circuit identification
• IP66 water resistance (dust tight and able to withstand water from heavy seas)
• CE marked
• Note: specs in Table are based on using 2/0 cables; these switches can handle 500 amp continuous loads when 4/0 cables are used

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