AC Main + 8 Positions⁄DC Main + 29 Positions Circuit Breaker Panel
DC 6 Position Circuit Breaker Panel

AC Main + 8 /DC Main + 29 Circuit Breaker Panel

Analog meters | LED Backlighting | Reverse polarity indicator

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• Panel is ready to install
• All AC and DC buses installed, fully pre-wired
• Includes pre-installed backlighting and LEDs
• Includes set of 30 common AC and 30 common DC labels
• 120 volts AC / 12 volts DC
• Panel main buses: 50 amp AC / 100 amp DC
• Ready for installation of optional isolation cover (no. 4029)
AC Features:
• Red reverse polarity indicating LED
• Ten AC circuit breaker positions
• One double-pole 30 amp AC main circuit breaker occupies 2 positions
• Five 15 amp single pole circuit breakers installed; three empty
• AC analog voltmeter (No. 9353) displays 0-150 volts
• AC analog ammeter with remote sensing coil (No. 9630) displays 0-50 amps
DC Features:
• 100 amp C-Series circuit breaker: provides both main circuit protection and master switching for DC branch circuits
• Twenty-nine DC branch circuits; twenty 15A single pole circuit breakers installed; nine empty
• DC analog voltmeter (No. 8003) diplays 8-16 volts and has 3-position switch for sensing multiple battery banks
• DC analog ammeter with remote shunt (No. 8017) displays 0-100 amps
• Panel can be owner upgraded to 24 volts with 18-32V DC voltmeter (No. 8240)

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