Dual Battery Bank Management Panel with DC Main Breaker
DC 5 Position Circuit Breaker Panel

Dual Battery Bank Management Panel with DC Main Breaker

With Small Format m-Series 300A On/Off Battery Switch

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The 8080 panel creates a simplified electrical system for dual battery banks, in which the main house circuit and the engine starting circuit are not connected, and function independently of each other. It overcomes the switch position confusion associated with traditional four-way battery switches. Selector operation is simplified since both Engine Battery Switch and House DC Main Circuit Breaker are either “On” or “Off” - turn engine and house switches to “On”" when you board the boat, turn them to “Off” when you leave. Use the second battery switch for emergency use of both batteries simultaneously.
• Isolates starting circuit from house circuit; batteries operate independently of each other
• Isolates sensitive electronics from voltage surges during engine starting
• Ignition protected - safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats
• Allows for different sizes, types and chemistry in each battery bank
• Incorporates two On/Off m-Series battery switches (#6006)
• 100A ignition protected C-series circuit breaker provides both circuit protection and switching for house/main distribution panel circuit
• 300A continuous/500A intermittent (5 min)/700A cranking (9.75 sec/10 repeats) ON/OFF battery switch provides isolated engine starting circuit, as well as emergency cross connect circuit for starting engine from house battery bank
• Addition of an Automatic Charging Relay (No.7610 or ML-Series) will automate charging of all battery banks

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