m-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect

m-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect

Senses Low Battery Voltage and Disconnects Non-Critical Loads to Save Power for Engine Starting

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Don't get stranded with a dead battery!
Have you ever gone "parking" and played your car stereo so long that you ended up not being able to start the car? Was your date sympathetic?

This simple device is the answer to avoid using 12 volt accessories like stereos, GPS and refrigerators too long and ending up with a dead battery.
It is especially useful in single battery situations - small boats, cars and vans - where you don't have a separate engine starting battery in reserve.
• Perfect for cuddy cabin cruisers, camper vans, teenagers with cars, or even your off-grid cabin in the woods

The m-LVD low voltage disconnect senses low battery voltage and automatically disconnects non-critical 12 volt accessories to save power for starting or to preserve battery life. The next time you start your engine and the battery voltage rises, the loads are automatically re-connected.
The m-LVD is ideal for any single battery boat or vehicle that wants to avoid getting stranded with a dead battery.

Watch an informative 2 minute video demonstrating the features of the m-LVD.

• Easy to install - no special knowledge required
• Kit includes m-LVD "black box" unit and a dashboard or panel mounted Remote Control Switch (#7928)
• Status light in both m-LVD and Remote Control Switch provides visual warning of low voltage state prior to disconnect
• Alarm output available for audible warning of low voltage state prior to disconnect (optional user supplied alarm buzzer required)
• Case design allows surface, front panel, or rear panel mounting - see image
• Rear insulating cover protects rear contacts
• Waterproof - rated IP67 for temporary immersion
• CE marked
Remote Control Switch Functions:
Disconnect Voltage Adjustment - Sets desired disconnect voltage, depending on your battery specs
Override - Temporarily delays circuit disconnect for 10 minutes
OFF - Temporarily disconnects circuits until voltage rises
Override or OFF - Silences alarm (optional user supplied alarm required)

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