P12 40 Amp Battery Charger - 12V DC
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P12 40 Amp Battery Charger - 12V DC

#7532 • Four Stage Charging • Charges Up to Three Banks • Vented Case Design

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The 40 amp P12 is a sophisticated 12 volt charger designed with four-stage charging (bulk, absorption, pre-float, and float) for optimum performance and longest possible battery life.
Blue Sea Systems' unique Pre-Float charging stage tapers the charging current to those batteries nearing full capacity while still allowing full charging current to batteries which still have a way to go before reaching full charge.
This assures that regardless of battery size or age, all your batteries receive the most charging possible by the time the charger switches to float mode - without overcharging any smaller or newer batteries in your banks.
This Pre-Float feature is unique to Blue Sea Systems chargers and is especially useful if you have a large house battery and a smaller starting battery - as is typical on most boats.

The P12 comes pre-programmed for use with Flooded, Gel, AGM, and TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) batteries, and can charge as many as three separate batteries or battery banks.
With the installation of the included temperature sensor, the charger modifies the charging program to compensate for seasonal or daily temperature fluctuations - which affect your battery's ability to accept a charge.

In addition, if desired, the pre-programmed charge profiles are fully customizable — so you can exactly match the manufacturer's voltage and timing recommendations for your particular brand of battery, adding years of life to your batteries.

This 40A P12 Charger is recommended for use with batteries or battery banks with a total capacity of up to 440 Ah. *

An optional Remote Control Panel is available for the P12 Charger which can be mounted in an easy-to-view location. The Remote Control's LED display lets you easily ascertain the charging status, as well as other functional data. It also can be used to control certain charger functions. See Accessory Products, below.

Features —
• Four-stage charging for optimal battery performance and longest service life
• PreFloat™ stage prevents over-charging
• Option for manual equalization cycle
• Provides charging for up to three battery banks
• Large, bright display
• Intuitive diagnostic screens
• Compatible for use with Blue Sea Systems Automatic Charging Relays (ACR) - controls ACR state, ensuring proper float stage for each battery
• Battery temperature compensation - adjusts charge voltage based on battery temperature
• Ignition protected (SAE J1171 Marine)
• Power factor corrected for efficient use of AC
• AC over and under voltage shut down and automatic restart
• Over and under battery temperature protection - charger will not operate if battery temperature rises above or falls below a set value
• DC over voltage and reverse polarity protection
• Surge and short circuit protection
• Rugged, finned aluminum case
• Open vented case design with a cooling fan to control internal temperature
• Internal components are marine grade - salt air and damp humid conditions will not affect performance
• Not waterproof and cannot be installed in an open weather deck area
• Multi-language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
• Designed, assembled, and tested in Bellingham, WA USA
• CE marked
• 5-year warranty

What's in the box —
• P12 Battery Charger
• AC wire strain relief and insulating cover, DC wire strain relief
• Assorted fastener hardware
• Temperature Sensor and dielectric grease for mounting
• ACR and temperature sensor terminal connectors
• User Manual

Click here for additional information and technical data about this product, and here to see the User & Installation Manual.

* The 40 amp P12 can be used with larger capacity battery banks. This battery capacity size recommendation merely balances the time required to charge the batteries vs. the typical user's reasonable expectations.

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