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P12 Battery Chargers

Use on Flooded, Gel or AGM Batteries

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• Advanced multi-stage charging - bulk, absorption, float stages
• Charge cycle is repeated weekly during storage or extended periods of non-use to maintain battery health
• Output for three 12 Volt battery banks
• Charge profiles for flooded, gel, thin plate pure lead (TPPL), and absorbed glass mat (AGM)
• User configurable charge profile is available for other battery types
• Pre-float stage prevents over charging by individually moving each battery out of the absorption charging stage, so batteries near full charge do not receive the high constant voltages necessary for other batteries still in the absorption stage
• Charge Coordination programming integrates with up to two Blue Sea Systems Automatic Charging Relays (ACR) to separate the battery banks while the P12 is operational
• Universal line Voltage 90-265V AC 50/60 Hz for use anywhere in the world, and compatibility with low voltage power sources
• Rugged finned cast aluminum case for maximum heat dissipation
• Multi-language display is easy to read for set up, monitoring, and diagnostics
• Optional remote display (PN 7519) repeats battery charger onboard display information as well as Amp-Hour/ State of Charge for house battery with purchase of DC shunt (PN 8255)
• Warranty: 5 Years
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