ST CLB Circuit Breaker Blocks
Diagram of Blue Sea Systems ST CLB Circuit Breaker Blocks - with Independent Source Terminals

CLB Circuit Breaker Block - 12 Independent Sources

#5050/51 • Compact Surface Mount Solution for CLB Breakers • Screw Terminals

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Although every wire on a boat requires circuit protection, not every circuit needs to be to be capable of being switched on and off. That's where this circuit breaker block comes in.

The advantage of a resettable circuit breaker over a fuse is well known, however, people often think of circuit breakers as more expensive and difficult to install.
The ST CLB Circuit Breaker Block solves this issue by using compact, snap-in-place, CLB resettable circuit breakers which make breakers as easy to install as a fuse.

This independent terminal version of the CLB Breaker Block has terminals to supply power to as many as 6 or 12 individual circuits. The power for these circuits can come from a fused wire directly from the battery, or an independent, switched or non-switched, bus bar — allowing for On/Off switching or 24-hour power for the circuits routed through the breaker block.
Of course, any of the devices powered through this breaker block can be controlled via their own remote switch, or several of the positive leads can be routed through a switch panel.
In addition, Terminal Block Jumpers (2 supplied) may be used to combine several circuits for powering from a single positive lead, as in the accompanying diagram.

• Uses CLB push-button reset thermal circuit breakers (only one sample 15A breaker is included)
• Quick connect clips allow circuit breakers to snap easily into place
• Tin-plated copper busses and screw terminals
• Clear insulating cover insulates and protects the breakers and connections and satisfies ABYC/USCG insulation requirements
• Clear cover has small size square format recesses for Blue Sea square labels
• Easy to open clip on cover
• Breakouts allow wire access in two directions
• Accepts ring terminals
• Optional push button waterproof boots or dress nuts can be installed over cover

Note - this device is designed to provide branch circuit protection downstream of the electrical system's main circuit protection fuse or circuit breaker.

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