Triple Battery Bank Management⁄DC Distribution Panel - for Twin Engines
Triple Battery Bank Management⁄DC Distribution Panel - for Twin Engines
No. 6337 120/240V AC 2-Source Selector Rotary Switch & Panels - 65A, 240V 65A 4 POLE 2 SOURCE SWITCH PANEL

Triple Battery Bank Management/DC Distribution Panel - for Twin Engines

With Small Format m-Series 300A On/Off/Both Battery Switches

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This DC control panel offers simplified switching among three battery banks by isolating two separate Start circuits (one for each engine) from the House circuit, allowing them to function independently. An emergency "Both" function is available for difficult starting situations. Eight unswitched, push button reset-only circuit breakers provide circuit protection when switching is provided elsewhere. Unswitched circuits are ideal for 24-hour circuit protection for bilge pumps, alarms, clocks, and control circuits for remote battery switches.

• Designed for twin engine configurations
• Protects electronics from sags and spikes caused by engine starting
• Incorporates two On/Off/Both m-Series battery switches (#6011200)
• Four branch A-Series 15A flat rocker circuit breakers with “On” indicating LEDs, and eight 15A pushbutton breakers installed
• Backlit circuit labels
• Max voltage rating: 12 VDC
• Includes #4218 - Square Format Label Set
• Dimensions: 9.25"W x 7.75"H x 3.50"D
• Ignition protected - safe for installation aboard gasoline-powered boats
• Addition of two Automatic Charging Relays (No.7610 or ML-Series) will automate charging of all battery banks

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