Heavy-Duty Gland Style Packing Box & Hose
Heavy-Duty Gland Style Packing Box & Hose

Heavy-Duty Gland Style Packing Box & Hose

Self-Aligning • Gland Type Stuffing Box

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These Heavy Duty versions of Buck Algonquin's Gland Style Packing Boxes weigh approximately three times as much as their Standard Duty counterparts.

A packing box, or stuffing box, is a device that seals around the propeller shaft, preventing seawater from entering the boat.

Bolt, or gland, style packing boxes are preferred by many since, unlike the nut style, you don't have to swing a big wrench to disassemble them, or adjust the gland pressure.
This makes them ideal for installation in confined spaces - such as a narrow bilge.
The studs can be shortened, if desired, to allow the use of a socket wrench.

The hose connection between the packing box and the vessel's shaft log provides enough flexibility to allow for small shaft alignment discrepancies.

• Complete assembly includes: body, gland, hex nuts, hose, and hose clamps
• Body and gland are finely machined cast bronze
• Hose is extra heavy 5-ply marine exhaust hose
• Clamps are T-bolt style all stainless steel for added security
• Won't loosen due to shaft rotation
• "H" in the part number designates an especially heavy bronze casting

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