Taku Model 7620CAWBX Air Exchanging Hatch Fan
Taku Hatch Fan

Taku Model 7620CAWBX Air Exchanging Hatch Fan

12 Volt - Includes Integral LED Cabin Light
By: Caframo

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Keep cool with this easy-to-install hatch fan featuring push button controls, LED lamp, and suction cup mounts.
With a pivoting axis, this versatile fan can be swiveled to exhaust air out of the cabin or to bring fresh air in.

Not just a hatch fan, the versatile 12 Volt Taku includes an integral LED cabin light, and can also be swung down into the cabin and swiveled 360° to direct a cooling breeze exactly where you want it.

The Taku installs on most hatches 19" across and larger.
It comes equipped with 20 ft of fully annealed (tinned), corrosion resistant wire.
For temporary operation, the included lighter plug adapter can be plugged into any 12 volt outlet.
For permanent operation, the Taku can be wired directly to the electrical system.

• Exchange stale cabin air in minutes
• Battery-friendly high efficiency lighting
• Quiet, comfortable cabin
• Easy to install suction cup mounting (no holes in hatch cover required)
• Years of trouble-free operation
• 500 CFM Air Blast Exchange Mode
• LED cabin light
• 3 comfort speeds
• Long life motor
• Dimensions: 12.5"W x 14"H x 3.15"D (when viewed installed on open hatch cover)
• Current draw: 0.2A on Low, 0.5A on Med, 0.95A on High, 4.3A on Turbo Blast
• 2 year warranty
• Made in Canada

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