Platy Preserve
PlatyPreserve Wine Conservation System

Platy Preserve

Extend the Life of Your Wine

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If not properly preserved, wine can go bad in as little as 2 to 8 hours. PlatyPreserve is the best way to protect the taste of an opened bottle of wine by completely eliminating the presence of oxygen. While alternative methods might have you pump air out of the bottle or inject gas into the bottle- PlatyPreserve has you transfer your un-finished wine into an air tight reservoir to truly protect the taste of your wine so it may be enjoyed several days or even weeks later. The collapsible container offers an easy, light-weight alternative to pack and enjoy wine wherever you go, while select materials ensure superior leak protect and provide zero taste transfer to your wine.

How PlatyPreserve works.
• Pour wine into PlatyPreserve
• Place cap loosely on PlatyPreserve
• Remove all air by squeezing PlatyPreserve
• Tight cap to seal out air in PlatyPrerserve

How to clean a PlatyPreserve.
• Rinse PlatyPreserve thoroughly with warm water (no soap)
• Turn PlatyPreserve upside down to dry
• Repeat after each use
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