CleanWirx Metal Surface Treatment - Part 2 Stabilizer Rinse Concentrate

CleanWirx Metal Surface Treatment - Part 2 Stabilizer Rinse Concentrate

2-Part System • Removes Rust • Cleans Metal • Eliminates Corrosion

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Use CleanWirx™ on metal before painting.
CleanWirx Metal Surface Preparation System provides deep cleaning as well as removal of impurities and contaminants from metal surfaces.
It removes rust and chemically stabilizes the surface by neutralizing microscopic reactive sites in surface pores that are the primary cause of eventual corrosion and coating failure in otherwise properly applied coatings.
Since microscopic contaminants are not visible without magnification, they typically go undetected prior to coating application.

Treatment with CleanWirx ensures that your coatings will adhere well and protect the metal substrate for many years.
When CleanWirx is overcoated with one of Ionyx's high-bond coatings - like Metal Coat - the coating can last for decades without further maintenance!
For large structures such as bridges, ships, oil refineries, piplines, etc. this can mean substantial savings in maintenance materials and labor.

Unlike traditional surface prep systems, which seal in the microscopic seeds of future corrosion, the CleanWirx Metal Surface Treatment System deals with the actual causes of future paint failure... not just the symptoms.

CleanWirx can be used on iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and even polymers and composites.
Treating metal substrates with CleanWirx before coating will lower the total cost of ownership by eliminating the most common causes of coating failures and significantly reducing the frequency and extent of required maintenance over the years.
Better adhesion; fewer re-coats.

Watch a 1-minute video overview of the advantages of using CleanWirx, ...or watch this 6-minute video for a more in-depth look at the CleanWirx process.

Using CleanWirx is a 2-step process:
1)   Apply the Part 1 Gel (P1-G) Treatment to the metal by brush or spray. Let sit until dry to the touch - approximately 30 minutes.
2)   Spray with Part 2 Rinse to remove gel residue.
NOTE - Each component, including this concentrated rinse, must ne mixed with water before using.

Typically, 3 gallons of mixed Gel are used for every 1 gallon of Rinse Concentrate, as the Rinse gets highly diluted when mixed.
One gallon of mixed gel typically treats 100 sq ft (9 sq meters) of surface.
See the linked documents in this entry for full application instructions, as well as a link to the P1-Gel component.

• CleanWirx doesn't just clean metal surfaces, it decontaminates them
• Simpler and faster application process compared to standard surface prep regimens
• Goes well beyond visual clean to vastly improve the condition of substrates prior to coating
• Biodegradable; ships non-hazmat
• No acid wash or cleaning
• No Dehumidification - not required at any time during or after surface prep
• No re-blasting
• Coating-neutral
• No residue
• Non film-forming
• No rush !!! No flash rust - even if the surface is left uncoated for days

Click here for an overview of the benefits and mechanism of CleanWirx products.
For detailed instructions on how to use CleanWirx, click here, and for the CleanWirx Technical Data Sheet, click here.

CleanWirx in the field —
CleanWirx improves welds by removing reactive sites and other contaminants that negatively affect puddling and weld porosity.
CleanWirx removes weld flame residue and other surface contamination after welds have cooled.
Unlike zinc, Cleanwirx doesn't create or emit toxic weld fumes.

CleanWirx for New Construction and Fabrication —
CleanWirx expedites new steel construction by removing mill scale efficiently and easily so that blasting time and blast media usage are greatly reduced.
Plus, CleanWirx removes contaminants and surface reactive sites from uncoated surfaces of stainless steel or high alloy vessels and piping - improving appearance and reducing the risk of stress corrosion cracking.

Less hassle, more performance —
• CleanWirx removes non-visible, microscopic surface-bonded contaminants which normal surface preparation (including pressure washing) usually leaves behind.

• Dehumidification is not required at any time during or after surface preparation using the CleanWirx surface preparation system.

• CleanWirx treated metal may be left uncoated for extended periods and will not flash rust or rust back - except in environments where extensive atmospheric re-contamination is likely.

• CleanWirx is “coating-neutral” - it leaves zero residue and zero film - so it does not interfere with the adhesion of subsequent coatings, and can be used with any coating system.
Use CleanWirx before applying a protective coating to a metal substrate if extended coating performance is desired.

Using Ionyx Coatings over CleanWirx has been demonstrated to consistently outperform other corrosion prevention methods. It significantly extends service life and eliminates the threat of corrosion - for decades!

The CleanWirx System does not soften, degrade, or remove intact old coatings. The CleanWirx System, when used within recommended dwell times, has no detrimental effect on galvanized, inorganic zinc coating or thermal spray metal coatings.

CleanWirx recommends wearing appropriate protective equipment when using their products, including googles or faceshiled, gloves and respiratory proptection. Ensure an adequate supply of fresh air.
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