Electronic Dual Solid-State Relay Series - 200A Electronic Dual Relay

Electronic Dual Solid-State Relay Series - 200A Electronic Dual Relay

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Functions as a Normally Off relay or as a Latching Relay, depending on which wires are connected by the user.

For use on all vehicle electrical systems such as heavy truck, off-road, construction, material handling, refuse collection or marine.
200A at 12V DC — heavy-duty enough to control most onboard equipment.

• Non-arcing and ignition-protected
• Solid-state reliability – withstands conditions that would "kill" an electromechanical solenoid
• Stands up to roadsplash and vibration
• Low control current and quiescent current make this Dual Relay ideal for idle reduction, battery saving, and electronic control applications
• Allows electronic systems to directly drive a high current switch without the need for an extra relay
• Easy to install
• Safe operation – protected against misconnect, overcurrent, short circuit and overheating
• Optional LED remote status wiring terminal for user supplied indicator light gives warning to vehicle operator

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Heavy on the technical side...
This product is rated to SAE J1455 and J1113 standards, and the electronics are internally sealed to IP67. However, battery voltage is still present on the exposed studs above and below the unit.
As such, common electrical considerations should be taken into account when determining the physical location and wiring of the SS Dual Relay, including locating the SS Dual Relay in a normally dry environment and away from direct heat sources.
In keeping with good electrical practices, the SS Dual Relay should not be subjected to continuous or prolonged exposure to water, salt spray, or to direct heat sources. If your product is routinely exposed to these elements please contact your Fisheries Supply customer service representative at 800-426-6930 for further discussion.

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