Diagram of Cole Hersee Cole Hersee 12V, 65A Continuous Duty Solenoid
Standard Solenoid - 12V, 65A

Cole Hersee 12V, 65A Continuous Duty Solenoid

SPST Normally open | One circuit - Off/On | UL listed

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Standard solenoid relays are common mid-to-high current rated relays that are 'mono stable' meaning that they stay in the switched state as long as a switching signal is applied. These relays, often called "remote-acting switches", are available in a variety of configurations, duty cycles, and performance ratings to match various applications.

Use of solenoids in high current switching minimizes arcing and contact oxidation, and maintains high performance.

• SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) with normally open contacts
• One circuit: Off-On
• UL listed - Intermittant rating: 750A make, 100A break, 10 sec On, 30 min Off - UL requirement
• Plated steel housing; hex nuts and washers included
• Insulated case
• Large (power circuit) battery studs; copper, 5/16"-24 thread
• Small (control circuit) coil studs; steel 10-32 thread

Click here for additional information and technical data about Standard Solenoids.

Note- Never unscrew the inner hex nuts on the studs. These keep the stud, as well as its internal wire connection in place.

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