SureStart™ Low Voltage Disconnect Switch
SureStart™ Low Voltage Disconnect Switch

SureStart Low Voltage Disconnect Relay Switch

Senses Battery Voltage and Preserves Starting Power

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The LVD relay constantly senses the battery voltage — if the voltage is too low, the loads will be disconnected from the battery.
Ever not been able to start your boat or car because you listened to the stereo too much with the engine off?...or left the dome light on overnight by accident? This is the product for you.

The LVD is installed between a battery and non-critical loads. When battery voltage falls to a pre-determined level, the non-critical loads are automatically disconnected and thereby battery power is saved for operating those remaining critical loads. Mission-critical loads (i.e. bilge pumps or headlights) should not be connected to the LVD.

• Prolongs battery life by protecting from damage due to excessive discharge
• Marine and vehicle applications
• Digital function means no contacts to wear out
• High current capability
• Disconnects when system voltage drops below 12.1V for 2 minutes, automatically reconnects when charging begins and voltage exceeds 13.0V for 10 seconds (factory programmable)
• Resistant to vibration and shock, temporary saltwater immersion
• Overcurrent, short-circuit, and over-temperature protected
• Meets SAE J1455, SAE J1113 specifications, and ignition-proof to ISO 8846
• Circuitry for optional pre-disconnect audible or visual alarm

Heavy on the technical side...
This product is rated to SAE J1455 and J1113 standards, and the electronics are internally sealed to IP67. However, battery voltage is still present on the exposed studs above and below the unit.
As such, common electrical considerations should be taken into account when determining the physical location and wiring of the SS/LVD Relay, including locating the SS/LVD Relay in a normally dry environment and away from direct heat sources.
In keeping with good electrical practices, the SS/LVD Relay should not be subjected to continuous or prolonged exposure to water, salt spray, or to direct heat sources. If your product is routinely exposed to these elements please contact your Fisheries Supply customer service representative at 800-426-6930 for further discussion.
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