Hammar H20 - SOLAS Hydrostatic Release for Life Rafts

Hammar H20 - SOLAS Hydrostatic Release for Life Rafts

The Best-Selling Hydrostatic Release Unit In The World

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Hydrostatic release mechanisms are installed in your liferaft securing system, and provide for automatic release and inflation of the liferaft, should your vessel sink.
The Hammar H20 is the best-selling hydrostatic release unit in the world. The simple design and color coded components ensure safety by virtually eliminating the risk of incorrect installation.

The Hammar H20 is designed to fit liferafts of all shapes and sizes — with capacities of 6 to 150 persons.
It needs no annual service, maintenance, or spare parts. You simply install a new one every two years, and dispose of the old one.
With the environment in mind, the old unit is 97% recyclable.
Compared with conventional release mechanisms, the H20 offers fast, trouble-free installation, thereby considerably reducing your downtime ashore, as well as costs — by up to 50% over a 10-year period

The Hammar H20 release unit consists of a loop of rope, a pressure activated release mechanism, and a Red Weak Link™ — with a breaking strength of 495 ± 90 lb (2.2 ± 0.4kN).

For smaller 4 person liferafts (outside SOLAS regulation), we recommend the Hammar H20 Small Rafts model with a special weak link, identified by the green lower thimble (breaking strength 1.2 ± 0.4 kN) - available by special order.
For liferafts smaller than 4 persons, please contact the liferaft manufacturer.

• Safe, reliable and simple design
• Can be fit to virtually all cannister-style liferafts sized from 6 up to 150 persons
• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fiberglass reinforced nylon components
• Shelf life of 4 years (date of manufacture is engraved on the top)
• Service life of 2-years from date of installation - MUST BE REPLACED EVERY 2 YEARS

The Hammar H20 is installed by inserting it into the liferaft securing mechanism, as follows:
1) Attach the lower end (black thimble) to a strong point on the deck or on the liferaft cradle, using a shackle.
2) Attach the liferaft securing strap release hook through the upper yellow thimble.
3) Attach the liferaft painter to the Red Weak Link™ connector using a shackle.
The Hammar H20 is now correctly installed and will be in service for two years.

If the ship sinks, within a depth of 4 meters, the water pressure will activate an internal spring-loaded knife which cuts the white securing loop — allowing the cannister to open, and the liferaft to float free.
As the ship contiues to sink, the liferaft painter line will be stretched, activating the liferaft inflation mechanism. The buoyancy of the inflated liferaft will break the Red Weak Link™ allowing the raft to float to the surface so survivors can board.

The Hammar H20 hydrostatic release units are approved all over the world.
They fulfil the requirements of the SOLAS 74/96 Convention, Reg. III/4 LSA Code, MO Res. MSC. 48/(66), IMO Res. MSC. 81(70), approved to EU Directive 96/98 EC on Marine Equipment and has a Nato stock number. Release depth 1,5 – 4,0 metres according to IMO/SOLAS regulations.
The required certificates can be downloaded at www.cmhammar.com under Approvals.

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