17010 of Dalys A and B Bleach
17010 of Dalys A and B Bleach
17040 of Dalys A and B Bleach

Bleach Solution, Part B - Quart

For Interior or Exterior Use
By: Dalys

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Daly's A & B Wood Bleach is a two-part system used solely for the purpose of lightening the color tone of any species of wood. This is accomplished via chemical breakdown of the oils that produce color.

Bleaching is usually necessary when a clean, white stained look is desired. (See accompanying image.) Bleaching is also required whenever the natural color of the wood is too dark for the need at hand. This can happen when trying to match newly installed wood to existing older, finished wood.

Bleaching does not remove stains. Stain removal requires separate treatment with Daly's Booster Stain Remover. Left untreated, stains may still be present after bleaching.

For purchasing purposes, you should be aware that, typically, parts A and B are used in equal parts. However, for a whiter result, 1 part A with 3 parts B may be used during the course of a second application. (This 1:3 ratio can also be used to lighten red tones when working with fir or mahogany.)
A & B Wood Bleach is applied to the entire surface – it is not meant for spot treatment.

• For interior or exterior use
• Safe on all species of wood
• May be used on veneers

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