Gas Cylinder Actuator - for Pneumatic Controlled Marine Engine Room Fire Dampers

Gas Cylinder Actuator - for Pneumatic Controlled Marine Engine Room Fire Dampers

12 or 24 Volts

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This gas cylinder provides the force to close a pneumatically actuated fire damper incorporated in an axial fan or air duct in the event of a signal from a fire detection system, loss of electrical power to the actuator, or the sensing of excessive heat by the actuator's electronic thermal release mechanism (ETR).
Note that fire dampers can also be set up with electronic controls instead of pneumatic.

Pneumatic actuation of the damper may be achieved through an onboard pneumatic supply line, the engine room's pressurized fire suppression system, or with this optional Actuator Gas Cylinder (Part Nos. 273-P150/12 or 273-P150/24).
Dampers may also be manually actuated and reset from the outside of the damper housing when necessary.
Pneumatic versions of Delta T's dampers also incorporate a fail-safe fusible link to provide independent closure of the damper in the event of a fire.

Heavy on the technical side...

So often overlooked in a majority of marine applications, Marine Engine Room/Duct Automatic Dampers are difficult to find, yet provide a vital safety component of marine fire suppression systems. These automatic/manual dampers are now designed and produced for the Yacht & Shipbuilding Industries exclusively by Delta T Systems.

The effectiveness of any installed fire system can be greatly enhanced if the ventilation openings to the protected compartment are closed at or before the discharge of the extinguishing agent. In the event of a fire system discharge, the Automatic Marine Smoke/Fire Damper provides for nearly instantaneous closure of the ventilation openings, thus preventing dilution of the extinguishing agent as well as preventing additional oxygen from entering the space to support and spread a fire. The Delta T Systems Marine Smoke/Fire Damper is an integral part of a properly designed ventilation and fire protection system aboard any vessel.

Delta T Circular Dampers are designed to attach directly to either end of Delta T Systems Marine Axial Fans to provide the safest, most compact, high volume ventilation component assembly available. The short casing design allows the damper blade to project into the open section of the fan plenum to minimize overall length.
These Dampers may also be installed, independently, within an air shaft or plenum if no fan is installed.

Using silicone blade seals, these units are provided with a simple mounting flange for attachment. These dampers may be configured in a wide variety of sizes.

Dampers may be automatically closed via a pneumatically controlled actuator. Actuators are suitable for use with CO₂, Halon, FM-200 and other pressurized fire suppression systems and are U.S. Coast Guard (162.038/7/0), American Bureau of Shipping, UL (EX-2968) and Factory Mutual type approved.
Just 70 PSI is required to provide instantaneous spring-loaded closure of the air duct.
Dampers may also be manually actuated and reset from outside of the damper casing. As an option, all dampers may be fitted with electric “fail-safe” type actuators. These are available in 24 volts DC, 115 volts or 230 volts AC. Electric dampers will close automatically upon loss of electrical current supply.

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