Head Vent System

Head Vent System

24 Volts | Vent multiple compartments | Can be fully automatic

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The Head Vent System provides simple, cost effective, ventilation of the heads or other small spaces on board a vessel. It provides quiet and efficient air extraction using a single, remotely located blower to extract stale air from multiple locations. It is a self-contained 24 volt unit that houses a quiet, high flow fan and duct manifold inside one central plenum box - which is connected to as many as 4 head compartments via 3" or 4" ducts.
The Head Vent System can be configured in both manual and automatic versions.

When an occupant enters one of the heads on board the vessel, the system is activated to start the flow of air - either with the flip of a switch in the manual system, or by a motion sensor in the automatic system.
Once started, the Head Vent System will continue to provide quiet air extraction from the occupied head.
When the occupant leaves the head and shuts off the switch (or simply vacates a head with the automatic version of the Head Vent System), the system will continue to run for two to three minutes and then shut down automatically.

When mutiple compartments are ducted to the unit, only the compartment activated by the user is ventilated. The unit contains internal electronic circuitry which controls air duct dampers within the unit. Unused ports are blocked by dampers, but may be capped, if desired.
Motion sensors for automated systems are sold separately.

The benefits of the Head Vent System over the standard head-ventilating fan include the following:
• Option for fully automatic operation
• Very cost effective - a single, quiet, 350 ft³/min blower is remotely located
• The Head Vent System is much more powerful and effective than standard head fans
• A single exhaust duct means only one vent hole leaving the boat
• Compact plenum box contains all major components in one easy-to-install package
• Connects to compartments via 3" air ducts which can be routed in overheads, behind bulkheads, etc.
• Can be used to vent other types of spaces besides head compartments

What's included: A self-contained plenum box containing the blower, internal electronics circuitry, blower manifold and dampers. A set of (4) plenum mounting brackets, (4) black rubber 3" intake duct adapters, and (1) 4" x 4 ft flex hose exhaust adapter are also included. All switches and ducts are user supplied and are sold separately. Motion sensors for automatic operation are also sold separately; see Related Products, below.

Heavy on the technical side...
Due to size constraints, although the intake ports are 3" in diameter, 4" ducts to each head compartment may be used for better air flow - especially if the runs are long. With 4" ducting, user supplied reducing adapters will be required.
Ducts may be PVC, sheet metal, flexible tubing, or any other solid material. Long runs of clothes dryer vent type of wire supported hose should be avoided, as they will reduce the efficiency of the system.
Note that each port requires the use of a flexible adapter or coupling when connecting to the duct work.
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