Newport P12000 Propane Fireplace/Heater

5,500 BTU • Direct Vent - Stainless Steel - Manual Ignition

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This is a lovely little heater/fireplace that is ideal for boats with an insulated cabin volume of about 1100 cubic feet. Typically, this would be boats in the 30 ft range, but you should perform your own calculations.
It is a clean burning low-pressure propane appliance.

Unlike propane cook stoves, the combustion process is completely isolated from the inside of the boat by the unique, direct vent design. This is a very desireable feature as it eliminates any possible fumes or exhaust condensation within the boat. It also eliminates the need for installing a fresh air vent.
The exhaust pipe is actually two pipes in one — the center 1-1/2" pipe exhausts the spent fuel and fumes while the outer 2-1/2" pipe draws fresh air in for combustion.
A built-in 12 volt blower aims hot air down toward the floor, providing good heat circulation - a very nice feature that uses only 0.2 Amps of current.

The heater is supplied with all required accessories including an attached stainless steel backing plate, 28" of flexible, double stainless steel chimney, inside dress ring, sealing gasket, deck flange, and exhaust/deck cap.
Safe, easy to use and extremely economical.

• Large viewing screen creates maximal aesthetic appeal
• Integral CGA/AGA approved safety valve shuts of the fuel flow should the flame be accidentally extinguished
• Dimensions: 10"W x 16"H x 7-1/4"Deep
• Mounting backplate/air spacer: 9-7/8"W x 23"H x 5/8" Thick

Fuel Consumption:
• 4,000 BTU on "low" setting - 5.5 hr/1 lb of fuel; a 20 lb propane tank will last 110 hours on low
• 5,500 BTU on "high" setting - 3.9 hr/1 lb of fuel; a 20 lb propane tank will last 78 hours on high
• Can be fueled via a 10 or 20 lb propane tank, or a disposable 1 lb bottle (never connect the heater directly to the propane/LPG supply - a regulator is always required)
• Requires installation of separate low pressure propane regulator to avoid possible fuel starvation if multiple appliances are used simultaneously; see Related Products, below. By ABYC standards, each low pressure propane appliance (such as a cook stove or this heater) should have its own low pressure regulator located within the propane locker

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