Newport Propane Heater Cap
Newport Propane Heater Cap

Newport Propane Heater Cap Guard - Tall Version

Heater Cap Guard • Stainless Steel

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This is a guard for the Deck Cap for Newport Propane Heaters to prevent sheets snagging or people tripping. It features an ingenious wind shield to block wind when the boat is in motion.
It is available in both a shorter and taller version to fit over original (shorter) Deck Caps or the newer, taller Deck Caps; see below.

In July 2014, Dickinson made an improvement in the design of the Deck Cap fitting for their Newport Propane Heaters, which made them 3/8" taller.
This resulted in the existing Deck Cap accessories (Cap Guards and Weather Guards) no longer fitting over the new Deck Caps, as they were too short.
Dickinson has designed a new series of these accessories to fit the new, taller, Deck Cap.
These taller Cap Guard and Weather Guard accessories have part numbers ending in "A"

Which Cap Guard do you own?
It's simple:
Measure the distance between the bottom of the two "bells" of your Deck Cap.
If the distance between the bells is 1-5/8", you have the old style - and should use the "non-A" accessories.
If the distance between the two bells is 2", you have the new, taller, version - and should use the "A" accessories.

To avoid the disappointment of accessories not fitting, do not mix the A and non-A parts — although in this particular case, the taller Exhaust Cap Guard (19-080A) will fit over either the short or tall Deck Cap.

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