Festoon Star™ LED Navigation Light Bulbs

Nav Bulb - LED Fest. Star - Green, 2 nm, 39 - 44mm

2 nm Visibility | Aqua Signal Ser 25 Sidelight | Contact Distance Is Adjustable
By: Dr LED

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This high quality bulb allows you to replace your Aqua Signal® Series 25 starboard incandescent light bulb with a bright, long-lasting LED bulb.
It is a direct replacement for the 2 nautical mile incandescent bulb used in these Aqua Signal fixtures.

With a power consumption of only about 1 Watt, this LED bulb is the perfect way to reduce energy consumption on your boat.

• This green LED festoon bulb has a reflector design in a "fat" (1.26" dia.) globe which fits in Aqua Signal Series 25 starboard fixtures, but is too large for Perko nav lights.
It comes with both dimpled and pointed adapters to extend the bulb from 39mm to 44mm.
The tight fitting end caps slide to expand or contract the length of the bulb to perfectly fit each fixture.

• 2 nautical mile visibility
• 12V DC only
• Internal circuitry provides for constant light output, regardless of voltage fluctuations for no flickering and longer LED life
• Long service life, shockproof, ultra-rugged with no filament to burn out or break
• Note: White LED bulbs should not be used behind colored lenses in nav lights, as they will not produce the required brightness; only the corresponding colored LEDs should be used in nav lights with colored lenses

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