22 ft Wide Shrink Wrap - 7 Mil

22 ft Wide Shrink Wrap - 7 Mil

With UV Inhibitors

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Designed to help you save time and money during the covering process, Dr Shrink is 100% virgin resin with a consistent and accurate thickness.
Professional, sleek and attractive, this is a proven wrap used by original equipment manufacturers worldwide. Shrink Wrap contains maximum UV inhibitors for long-term outdoor storage, and is guaranteed for 12 months.

Now you can stop using bulky, dirty tarps that leak and flap loose in the wind. Shrink Wrap is a tried and tested covering used in the marine, agricultural, industrial, defense, aerospace, and automotive industries.

• Shrink wrap protects against weather damage - it can fully encapsulate just about anything
• 100% waterproof
• Durable, strong, and puncture resistant - one square foot of 7 mil Shrink Wrap will support 290 pounds!
• One piece coverage - cover entire flatbed loads and 60 ft boats with a single piece; no leaks or gaps
• Shrink Wrap stays put - it is tight fitting and well secured
• Costs only pennies per square foot
• Support structure gives the cover slope and strength so snow, rain, and ice slide off instead of accumulating
• Prevents surface damage - unlike tarps, properly applied shrink wrap will not chafe or scratch during transport or storage
• Easily ventilated to eliminate moisture and mildew problems using very economical, purpose-built vents and moisture control accessories
• Wide selection of zipper access doors provides easy interior access to a covered unit without cutting or removing the shrink wrap cover; custom doors are available to fit any job
• Shrink Wrap is a "Class 4" low density polyethylene, and is 100% recyclable

Shrink Wrap is easy to install. The technique involves logical, common sense steps. An available training DVD offers step by step instructions on the shrink wrap process. See Related Products, below.

Heavy on the technical side...

What thickness do I need?
Shrink Wrap thickness is measured in mils. One mil is equal to 0.001 (1/1,000) inch.
6 mil - is the thinnest shrink wrap and is used on smaller boats, shed frames, items on pallets, and machinery that will be stored rather than transported
7 mil - is the standard thickness for shrink wrapping boats in snow load areas, light construction jobs, and medium sized machinery that will be transported
8 and 8.5 mil - is an excellent thickness for covering large boats, shrink wrapping large building frames, and for wrapping large equipment with sharp protrusions for transport or storage
9 mil - is the thinnest mil thickness for flame retardant shrink wrap. It is very durable and works well for making containments and wrapping scaffolding
10 mil - is a versatile thickness which is excellent for wrapping large sections of scaffolding, shrink wrapping large products for on-deck ocean freight, and for covering odd shaped machinery for storage or transport
12 mil - is our thickest shrink wrap and is only available with Flame Retardant additives. It meets, or exceeds, NFPA 701 extinguishing specifications. Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap is required for some scaffolding jobs, and always on government bids where people will be working under the material.

What color should I choose?
White shrink wrap is the color that works best for most applications. It reflects heat and stays tight in all weather conditions, which makes it an ideal transport cover. Heat reflection helps keep whatever is underneath the shrink wrap at a more constant temperature, thereby minimizing condensation and moisture build up. White Shrink Wrap comes in 6, 7, 8, 8.5, and 10 mil thicknesses
Blue shrink wrap is generally used in snow load areas as it absorbs heat - which helps any accumulated snow to slide off the shrink wrap covers. Its heat absorption capabilities make it less than ideal in warm climates where it can overheat the products under the cover. It will also loosen, somewhat, in hot conditions which means it can move and chafe, so it's not good as a transport cover. Blue Shrink Wrap comes in 6, 7, and 8 mil thicknesses
Clear shrink wrap is used to cover greenhouses, make boat covers for brokerage boats and liveaboards, as machinery covers, etc. The advantage of clear is that you can see through it. The disadvantage is that sunlight/heat can accentuate the buildup of moisture under the cover. Care must be taken to ventilate clear shrink wrap covers, or put desiccants under the shrink wrap. Clear comes in 6 and 7 mil thicknesses

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