Dri-Z-Air® De-Humidifier

Dri-Z-Air Chemical De-Humidifier

13 oz Calcium Chloride Moisture Absorber • Soaks Up Water in the Air • Non-Electrical

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Dri-Z-Air dehumidifier system is designed to prevent condensation, musty odors and mildew in your boat or motorhome's interior - without any electricity or moving parts.
It uses a non-toxic salt (calcium chloride) to reduce cabin moisture quietly and with little monitoring. Dri-Z-Air is a simple solution that is ideal for use while your boat or motorhome is in storage.

Dri-Z-Air reccomends using one Dri-Z-Air unit for every 10 ft x 10 ft space. A 35 foot boat or motorhome will use three to four units during winter lay-up.
When used as directed, the units are effective enough to reduce harmful humidity without drying the air to an uncomfortable level.
Refill crystals are available in large quantities to get you through the seasons. Each refill lasts approximately 30 - 60 days, depending upon the amount of moisture in the air. We recommend monitoring each unit every 45 days for maximum effectiveness. See Replacement Products, below.

• Refillable
• Draws moisture from the air
• Easy to use
• Odorless; non-flammable
• Air circulates around the entire unit
• Unit is made in the USA out of recycled plastic
• One 13 oz bag of crystals included
• Dri-Z-Air refills are one of the most economical ways to purchase calcium chloride crystals

Watch an informative 2-1/2 minute video demonstrating the benefits of Dri-Z-Air and how to use it.

How it works...
The upper compartment holds the calcium chloride crystals which absorb water from the air - and dissolve in that moisture. The lower bowl collects the dissolved crystals and the water they have absorbed from the air.
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Best and easiest to use, September 28, 2012
This works better than the other products in the market and it's the easiest to use. They are made right here in Seattle and they keep our boat nice and dry during the winter.
By Cpt. Phil Johnson from Seattle, WA
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