Cutless™ Brass - Shelled Sleeve Bearings

SAE Cutless Brass - Shelled Sleeve Bearings

Naval Brass Water Lubricated Standard Rubber Sleeve Bearings

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Duramax rubber-lined naval brass bearings adapt equally well to strut and stern tube mounts, and are often used effectively as rudder-stock and pintle bushings.
• Bearing diameters are precision fitted - in accordance with U.S. Navy Buships clearances - to the designated shaft size with the correct clearance for efficient water lubrication
• Duramax® bearings possess inherent vibration-dampening qualities and are non-polluting
• External brass shells are machined and polished to provide easy fitting
• Specially formulated oil and chemical resistant nitrile rubber is securely bonded to the shell
• Units with thin shells are available for the struts of small craft
• Sleeve bearings are usually installed by light press-fitting and locked in place with cone-pointed set screws
• Fisheries Supply also stocks heavy-duty bolt on Flanged Cutless Bearings for larger shaft diameters; please inquire

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