Dutchman Boom Brake

Boom Brake - No Vang

Keeps the Boom Constantly Under Control

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Even in moderate winds on smaller boats, the force of the boom when jibing can be deadly... not to mention the potential for rig damage. The Dutchman adjustable boom brake uses the same principle as a line wrapped around a winch to control side-to-side boom movements. The boom brake works like a preventer; ease the tension, and the boom swings at a slow, controlled rate. Release all tension, there is no affect on the boom's movement, and tacking upwind is not affected. No more near misses, or worse, because the boom never has a chance to speed up to dangerous velocities. • Safe, controlled jibes without having to haul in on the mainsheet • Simple, clean design, easy to install, and use • Easily rigged so as to be adjustable from the cockpit • Works with conventional or full-batten sails • Safer than a preventer, as the boom can still move if it hits the water • Works with booms that have a rigid vang • Models available with becket for boats which use a block and tackle “soft" vang, but only have a single boom bail (See separate entry) • Quality construction; 5-year warranty
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