EP-2000 Antifouling Paint

EP 2000 Hard Ablative Antifouling Paint

Copper Free • Water Based • Multi-Season
By: ePaint

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A water-based, copper and tin-free paint, EP-2000 can be used on all substrates - wood, fiberglass, and all metals - including aluminum outdrives.
Its self-leveling, smooth, hard finish makes it ideal for racing sailboats as well as high speed powerboats.

The paint works by combining the release of hydrogen peroxide to prevent attachment of fouling organisms, and the eco-friendly, degradable Zinc Omadine (zinc pyrithione) biocide (4.8%) to eliminate grass and slime.

EP-2000 was the only paint among over 60 tested to achieve an "Excellent" rating by Practical Sailor Magazine after 18 months in Florida waters (March, 2011 issue). EP-2000 continues to achieve high ratings from Practical Sailor (Top 20 Overall) as recently as March, 2014.

• Long-lasting multi-season effectiveness
• Suitable for all vessel types in either fresh or salt water
• Ideal for pontoon boats and for direct application to aluminum
• Very hard, durable, mar-resistant, slow ablating coating
• Service life can be extended with an additional coat
• Environmentally friendly; VOC compliant in all States - no harsh solvent smell
• Hauling and re-launching will not affect coating performance - ePaint's best selling paint for trailered boats
• Can remain out of the water for as long as 36 months without re-coating
• Can be used on vessels that operate above 30 knots
• Light colors - white and gray - perfom somewhat better in high fouling and tropical waters
• Yellow and orange colors are deep, clean, and bright
• Can be wet-sanded to a mirror-like finish, if desired
• Easy application by roller, brush, or spray
• Unlike 007's martinis, EP-2000 should be stirred, not shaken, before use
• Thins and cleans up with water -- no harmful solvents
• Coverage is 240 ft²/gallon; 3 coats recommended, with an additional 2 coats at leading edges and along the waterline; 44% solids

Heavy on the technical side...

ePaint recommends against applying this paint when the temperature is below 60°F.

EP-2000's water-based chemistry makes it incompatible with other antifouling coatings; they must be removed before coating with EP-2000.

Use on Fiberglass
EP-2000 may be applied directly to bare fiberglass that is clean and free of contaminants. Optionally, and recommended, ePaint EP-Prime 1000 epoxy primer/barrier coat may be used for improved adhesion, and to reduce the potential for water migration into the hull on boats that are in service year round.

Use on Aluminum
ePaint EP-2000 is safe for use on aluminum and metal parts as it will not promote galvanic corrosion.
EP-2000 may be applied directly to new, smooth, bare aluminum.
For all other applications, for maximum adhesion, a single tie-coat of ePaint EP-Prime 1000 epoxy should be applied. All aluminum surfaces should be thoroughly clean to remove all contaminants such as oil, grease, flux, salts, dirt, debris, etc. before abrading and painting.

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