antifouling paint
antifouling paint

SN-1 HP Ablative Antifouling Paint for Fast Hulls

Copper Free • Multi-Season • Professional Application Only
By: ePaint

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ePaint SN-1 HP is a high performance antifouling coating for marine and fresh water immersion service; for military, government and commercial vessels only; the best choice for boats with average operating speeds of greater than 30 knots; offers drag reduction & fuel savings.

Designed for high speed and frequently used government and commercial vessels.
SN-1 HP incorporates advanced fluoropolymer resin technology that results in a hard, mar-resistant, lightweight surface.
Like all ePaints, SN-1 HP is copper-free and will not promote galvanic corrosion on metal surfaces.
SN-1 HP prevents bio-fouling using ePaint’s patented photoactive technology and Sea-Nine™ 211N biocide.

Sea-Nine 211N is a new generation, rapidly biodegradable, settlement inhibiting, antifouling agent used in commercial ship-building paints.
It has won the EPA's "Green Chemistry Challenge Award" as being free from heavy metals and low impact, while providing highly effective, long-lasting, broad spectrum activity against bacterial slime, algae, barnacles, tubeworms, hydroids, bryozoa, tunicates, seaweed, and other marine organisms.
Sea-Nine 211N has long-term efficacy in paints, but rapidly degrades in the environment, presenting acceptably low bio-accumulation and environmental risk at recommended use levels.

• SN1-HP requires professional application using the proper personal protection equipment
• Self-polishing finish provides controlled release of active agents and prevents old paint build-up when re-coating
• Multiseason protection; service life can be extended with an additional coat
• Can be hauled and re-launched without affecting paint performance - ideal for trailered boats
• Can remain out of the water for as long as 24 months without the need to re-coat
• Application: brush, 3/8" nap solvent-resistant roller, airless or conventional spray
• Thinner: EP-13 or EP-15 (10% max.)
• Theoretical coverage is 270 ft²/gallon; 2 or 3 coats recommended with additional coats at waterline and leading edges; 56% solids (vol.)

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