Adjustable Crossed-Wire Pedestal Idlers
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Adjustable Crossed-Wire Pedestal Idlers

Series 776 • Crossed-Wire

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Pedestal idlers mount at the bottom of the steering pedestal, and turn the steering cables toward the rudder post.
Edson’s Adjustable Cross-Wired Idler is designed to reverse the direction of rudder movement on boats where the quadrant is aft of the rudder post, or on radial drive steering systems where the pedestal is located forward of the rudder post. This causes the boat to turn in the direction you expect when you turn the steering wheel.
This design crosses the steering cables within the pedestal column. The slanted sheaves then correctly aim the cable at the sprocket for proper alignment of the cable to the sheaves, reducing the risk of chaffing.
The sheaves are fully adjustable between 10° and 155° aft, and lock in place to maintain the desired settings.

They can be used for Radial Drive Steering Systems when the pedestal is located aft of the rudderpost.
They feature anodized aluminum bases, stainless uprights, anodized aluminum sheaves and sheave guards.
Heavy Duty Racing/Cruising version (Model 883) with solid bronze base is also available by special order for boats with higher rudderloads.

Adjustable sheave angle feature means you don't have to mount them perfectly aligned with the cable. You can allow them to self-align after installation.
Needle bearings are an available option in some models. They provide lower friction than the standard oil-impregnated bronze bearings for long or complex cable runs.

Edson pedestal idlers provide maximum strength, minimum friction, and easy installation.
They come assembled, yet are fully adjustable for proper alignment.
Each idler assembly has stainless grommet that allow the steering wires to pass through.
Idler plates feature a black corrosion-resistant powder coating.
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212577EDS 776AL-4AL 776AL-4ALLoading...4" Adjustable X-Wired Idler - 1/4" Max. Wire, Aluminum Base, Bronze Oilite BearingLoading...
366578EDS 776BR-4AL 776BR-4ALLoading...4" Adjustable X-Wired Idler - 1/4" Max. Wire, Bronze Base, Bronze Oilite BearingLoading...
209972EDS 776AL-6ALNB 776AL-6ALNBLoading...6" Adjustable X-Wired Idler - 3/8" Max. Wire, Aluminum Base, Bronze Oilite BearingLoading...
175624EDS 776AL-6NB 776AL-6NBLoading...6" Adjustable X-Wired Idler - 3/8" Max. Wire, Aluminum Base, SS Needle BearingLoading...
366579EDS 776BR-6AL 776BR-6ALLoading...6" Adjustable X-Wired Idler - 3/8" Max. Wire, Bronze Base, Bronze Oilite BearingLoading...
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