CD-i Geared Classic 402 Series Steering Pedestals
CD-i Geared Classic 402 Series Steering Pedestals
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CD-i Geared Classic 402 Series Steering Pedestals

Direct Linkage From Wheel to Rudder • For Boats to 50 Feet

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This is Edson's larger Classic Series Steering Pedestal but with a modern version of a classic rack and pinion geared steering system, instead of a chain and wire drive mechanism.
CD-i utilizes a simple, direct linkage from the steering wheel to the rudder, using no wires, and is suitable for aft cockpit vessels up to 50 ft (∼15 m) LOA.

With no flexible/stretchable wire cables, and no slack in the system, CD-i™ Geared Steerers feature exceptional feel.
They are easy to install, and have a wide range of mounting options.
The CD-i geared mechanism is available in Classic style or Vision style pedestals. These are the Classic versions.

Within the pedestal head, the CD-i has a miniature rack and pinion gear system with the circular rack attached to the top of a rigid torque tube, supported by two races of needle bearings inside the pedestal. Under the cockpit sole, an output lever arm attaches to the bottom of the torque tube and, in turn, is attached to a long, adjustable drag link, which connects directly to a tiller arm installed on the rudder post.
Turning the steering wheel rotates the pinion gear which turns the rack attached to the top of the torque tube in the pedestal. The rotating torque tube moves the output lever at the bottom of the pedestal which, connected by the drag link, causes the tiller arm and rudder post to rotate the same amount.

The wide angle geometry of the CD-i system provides greater sensitivity and control than other systems.
As you turn the wheel farther, the angle between the draglink and the centerline increases (gets wider). This provides the most mechanical advantage when the rudder loads are highest, and the greatest sensitivity just where you need it - with the rudder near midships.

CD-i Classic Pedestal Features —
• 1.8 wheel turns hard-over to hard-over through 72° of rudder travel
• Low maintenance
• Ultra-high strength, long life Gleason Coniflex™ gears
• Gear teeth are easily accessible for lubrication and inspection
• Highest quality marine-grade stainless, bronze and aluminum components, throughout
• Large 3-1/4" torque tube for superior strength and stiffness
• Turnbuckle-style drag link for easy adjustment
• Convenient thru-hub wheel brake with stainless knob is included
• Built to ISO 13929 standards, CE approved
• Maximum rudder rake allowed is 20° from vertical
• Working angle of drag link allowed is ±10° maximum from horizontal
• Maximum rudder torque load at full lock is 3,300 lb·ft
• Tapered wheel shaft, only
• CE compliant
• Made in New Bedford, MA, USA

NOTE — The complete CD-i system includes a the Classic pedestal (including wheel shaft, gears & torque tube), wheel brake, pedestal rudder stop ring/backing plate, output lever, drag link, and tiller arm.
The additional items shown in the image (steering wheel, top plate, pedestal guard, engine control, compass) are all installation-specific, and are sold separately. They are shown only for illustrative purposes.

To make a complete system, you will need to additionally purchase mounting bolts, a steering wheel of your choice, one of three styles of pedestal guard - straight, angled, and offset, a pedestal guard top plate, and probably a compass.
A large selection of additional accessories is also available, such as engine controls, instrument housings, drink holders, tables, etc.

Heavy on the technical side...
The Edson CDi Geared Steering System is the most advanced geared system for yachts available today.
The combination of the 360° Circular Rack, Interlocking Gears, Large Diameter Downshaft, Oversize Stainless Bearings, and all non-magnetic, marine- grade materials make the Edson CD-i Geared Steering System extremely reliable and sensitive.
The pedestal includes the Circular Rack Gear with Integral Wheel Shaft/Pinion Gear and Torque Tube and is supplied standard with a wheel brake.
Steering Wheels are available in a large number of sizes along with a full range of accessories for a custom look.
The Draglink and Tiller Arm are machined to customer specifications for an exact fit.

Speccing out a CD-i Steering System is not something to undertake without guidance. Call Fisheries Supply at 800-426-6930 and we can answer your steering system questions, guide you through the process of ordering a system, or connect you with an Edson engineer who can help you with the finer design points.

Click here to download Edson's CD-i Worksheet for designing your CD-i Steering System, and here to read Edson's CDi Steering Systems Installation Guide & Owner's Manual.

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