607cg of Edson Marine Luxury Comfort Grip Leather Wheel Rim Cover

Luxury Comfort Grip Leather Wheel Rim Cover

For Stainless Steel Destroyer Wheels From 15" to 72"

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Edson's do-it-yourself Comfort Grip Leather Wheel Cover Kits provide extra cushioning by adding a layer of closed-cell neoprene foam to the standard Leather Wheel Cover Kit.
The foam cushion is pre-punched to create comfortable, contoured finger grip indentations on the inside of the wheel rim.
These covers look great while making the wheel softer and warmer to the touch.
They also provide a more secure grip for less fatigue when spending long hours at the helm.

Each kit includes a pre-punched leather cover, pre-punched neoprene foam underlayer, double-sided sticky tape, thread, needle and complete instructions.
Measure the diameter of your steering wheel and choose using the ordering information below.

• Available in Dove Gray
• 5 standard sizes for wheels up to 72" in each of two different rim diameters (7/8" or 1")

NOTE: — Edson's Stainless Destroyer Wheels were redesigned in 2001 and now feature 5 or 7 spokes (depending on wheel diameter) as well as a larger 1" diameter wheel rim.
Because of this difference, Edson offers two sizes of Leather Wheel Rim Covers:
• One set for pre-2001 7/8" diameter, "oval" wheel rims
• One set for 2001 - present 1" diameter, "D" shaped wheel rims.
If necessary, please refer to the accompanying drawing to ensure that you order the correct size for your wheel.
Note the circumference difference, which can be measured with a strip of paper or string, and then held along a measuring tape or ruler.
You can also use this guide to determine if an Edson Leather Wheel Rim Cover will fit your non-Edson wheel.

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