Forward Rack & Pinion Steerer for Inboard Rudder
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Forward Rack & Pinion Steerer for Inboard Rudder

For Vessels Up to 48 Feet

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Edson's Forward Mounted Rack & Pinion Steerers are designed for boats up to 48 feet with inboard rudders and limited space aft of the rudderpost.

These rugged, compact steerers are usually found on traditional design vessels where rudder feedback is desired. (As opposed to worm gear, "no feedback" steerers.)
The rack of these steerers clamps onto the rudderpost.
They are ideal for cockpit layouts that can allow for the steerer cover to double as a helm seat.

• The 347-9 Steerer will accommodate vessels up to 38 ft with 1.8 turns through 80° of rudder travel
• The 347-14 steerer should be used on boats 38 ft to 48 ft in length and has three turns of the wheel through 90° of rudder travel
• Both steerers come with a stainless steel wheel nut
• Steering wheels must be purchased separately

The rudderpost diameter determines the size of the rack and pinion steerers for inboard rudders.
When ordering, purchaser will need to specify rudderpost diameter, keyway dimensions and location.

Heavy on the technical side...
Edson's Rack & Pinion Steerers are available in four configurations:
• Transom Hung Rudder Steerers
• Forward Mounted Rack & Pinion Steerer for Inboard Rudder Steerers (curved radius of rack faces forward)
• Aft Mounted Rack & Pinion Steerer for Inboard Rudder Steerers (curved radius of rack faces the stern)
• A Rack & Pinion Steerer for Double Enders
These steerers mount perpendicular to the rudderpost

Edson has been making these steerers for over 150 years.
Many traditional style boat designs being built today are still excellent candidates for these geared steerers.
If you are building or refurbishing a classic yacht, Edson's traditional wheels and geared steerers are still available, but constructed of modern materials and using methods which were not available when first built.
In consultation with the engineers at Edson, Fisheries is happy to help you spec out a traditional steering system. Please inquire at 1-800-426-6930.

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