Gamma Seal Spin-On Bucket Lid

Gamma Seal Spin-On Bucket Lid

Turn a 3-1/2 or 5 Gallon Bucket Into An Airtight, Leakproof Storage Container

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Tired of fighting with snap-on 5 gallon bucket lids? The Gamma Seal Lid is an ingenious product that makes sealing and re-using commercial buckets easy!.

The Gamma Seal Lid has two components -
- An internally threaded, gasketed, adapter ring that snaps permanently onto the lip of the bucket.
- A gasketed, threaded lid that easily screws into the ring - making a perfect seal.

Have you ever tried to pry off a regular snap-on 5 gallon bucket lid? What a struggle. The Gamma Seal Lid makes re-using 5 gallon buckets easy!
With super large gripping bars, the screw-on Gamma Seal Lid is easy to close tightly... and also easy to open.
The airtight seal protects the contents of the bucket be it pet food, bulk foods like beans, grains, or rice, paint, or products that need to be protected from hardening by absorbing water out of the air (ice melters, qwik-crete, etc.).
Makes any 5 gallon bucket reuseable.

• Airtight
• Leakproof
• Pest-proof
• Opens and screws shut with just one hand
• Keeps food fresh (when used with a food grade bucket)
• Made from HDPE (high density polyethylene)
• Silicone lubricated rubber gaskets
• FDA safe for direct food contact; heavy metal free; BPA free
• Made in Tenessee, USA

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