FastFender "Sail" Fender Hangers - for Sailboat Lifelines
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FastFender "Sail" Fender Hanger - Black

Hang and Adjust Marine Fenders Rapidly and Easily • 3 Colors

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At last! A fender hanger that really works.
FastFenders for Lifelines provide an incredibly easy way to attach or remove hanging fenders. FastFenders also have an integral cleat for easily and securely adjusting fender height.
FastFenders eliminate knot-tying and are the best solution to the hassles of hanging, moving, and adjusting fenders on your boat.

FastFender Fender Hangers are also strong - able to hold almost 200 lb of downward force - for those times your fender gets stuck between two boats or against the dock.

To use the FastFender, simply slide it over your lifeline, turn it 90°, and let go — your fender is attached!
To adjust fender height, an integral clam-style cleat allows you to lift up on the fender line, pull or release some line, then pull down on the line to secure it in the cleat, and you're done.
It's that simple.

An added bonus is that FastFenders can be led around a stanchion before attaching to the lifeline - preventing the fender from sliding in either direction, if desired.

Watch an informative 2 minute video demonstrating how easy it is to use the FastFender.

Features —
• Easy one hand use
• Attach and remove fenders quickly
• Can be used on rail or lifelines
• Will not scratch or damage railings
• FastFenderSail - fits on wires up to 5/16" in diameter
• Made of PA6 nylon
• Resistant to seawater and UV rays
• Remains flexible from -10° to +110°F
• Very light weight, only 4 oz

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