Aquamiser+ Watermaker - Framed Series
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Aquamiser+ Watermaker - Framed Series

Six Output Models Available | 250 - 1,800 Gallons Per Day | 120V AC or 220V AC

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The Aquamiser+ Series offers programmable settings and remote display capability through an advanced control system. This full-featured affordable watermaker is ideal for meeting your water production needs.

With outputs of 250-1,800 GPD this series will provide the safety and controls needed to operate both dependably and efficiently.

The Aquamiser+ is available in framed and modular configurations for installation in tight spaces as well as on bulkheads. However, despite its small size, the expansive controls include a fully automatic Fresh Water Flush System for unattended maintenance. Scheduled flushes, once a week or more frequently, will help maintain and keep your watermaker fresh and ready for your next voyage.

Note – Aquamiser+ watermakers run on 120/220, 50/60 Hz. 50 Hz operation will affect system performance. Contact Fisheries at 800-426-6930 for other voltages.

Standard Features —
• Staged starting of motors
• Timed start-up (Prime, Init, Run)
• TDS monitoring of product water
• Automatically diverts water to the product tank below 500 PPM
• Programmable automatic Fresh Water Flush; or, convenient one-touch button for manual operation
• Overpressure protection (HP fault)
• Loss of Prime/Fouled Filter detection (LP fault)

Optional Remote Display Features –
• Remote system control from up to 150 ft away
• Readout of product TDS
• Automatic tank level controls
• Programmable times/set points and display settings

Available Options –
• Dockside Treatment System (DTS)
• Filter Replacement Kit
• Pocket PPM Meter
• Ultra-Violet Sterilizer

Now You Can Treat Questionable Dockside Freshwater —
It's not unusual to arrive at a dock to find that the available fresh water source may be of questionable quality, or have high levels of dissolved solids.
Aquamiser+ Watermakers can be used along with FCI's optional Dockside Treatment System (DTS) (a Special Order item; inquire at 800-426-6930) allowing you to use your watermaker to purify dockside water sources.
Important - Using freshwater under high pressure during the watermaking process will permanently damage standard Reverse Osmosis membranes.
The in-line DTS unit incorporates a separate set of freshwater-compatible membranes, but uses the watermaker's pumps and control panel, so you can produce high quality drinking water no matter where your boat is docked, and at minimal cost.
The resulting water also has the added benefit of having virtually no dissolved solids - making for spot-free deck and hull washdowns.

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