FWF - Fresh Water Flush - Option for the Aqualite
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FWF - Fresh Water Flush - Option for the Aqualite

120V AC

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In watermakers, the purpose of a fresh water flush is to replace the sea water in the watermaker with fresh water whenever the system is not operating. Flushing deters saltwater corrosion and the growth of biological contaminants on the RO membranes during periods when the system is not in use. This greatly prolongs the life of the reverse osmosis membrane elements.
A valve is opened during the fresh water flush allowing the boat's pressurized water system to supply water to the feed pump.

The basic level, ultra-compact Aqualite is the only FCI watermaker which does not include an integral Fresh Water Flush component.

For those who wish to add this feature, digital remote displays can be added to your system for remote operation, system monitoring, as well as to control the optional Fresh Water Flush. The Fresh Water Flush prolongs the life of your system and minimizes repairs. FCI Watermakers are among the most effective marine desalination systems providing automatic and customizable fresh water flushing.
This feature is integral to every marine water purification system because it .

Fresh water flushing is generally an automated function providing for unattended maintenance. Scheduled flushes, typically once a week or more frequently, will help maintain and keep your watermaker fresh and ready for your next voyage.
The duration of the flush can be set to coincide with your available fresh water pressure to ensure a through flush.

• Width = 9.10"
• Depth = 6.10"
• Height = 12.25"

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