MOB+ MultiFOB Basepack - Man Overboard System
MOB+ MultiFOB Basepack - Man Overboard System
MOB+ MultiFOB Basepack - Man Overboard System
MOB+ MultiFOB Basepack - Man Overboard System
MOB+ MultiFOB Basepack - Man Overboard System
MOB+ MultiFOB Basepack - Man Overboard System
MOB+ MultiFOB Basepack - Man Overboard System

MOB+ MultiFOB Basepack - Man Overboard System

Wireless | Life-saving | Kill switch

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In a world where sophisticated electronics surround us it’s almost incredible that the corded engine cut-off switch still exists.
The MOB+™ Wireless Man OverBoard System is an innovative, ABYC compliant, life-saving safety device for your boat. It provides greater freedom of movement than a traditional kill switch lanyard, and stops the engine instantly should you fall overboard.

The system consists of an easy to install xHUB™ receiver (mounted on or near the boat's console) and a wearable xFOB™ transmitter.
The two constantly communicate with each other wirelessly, and stop the engine when the signal is "broken" either by the xFOB being submerged in water, or if it moves beyond the receiving range of the xHUB (approx. 50 ft).
Up to four xFOB wearable transmitters can be linked to the dash mounted xHUB signal receiver at the same time — with one xFOB acting as the captain’s "engine stop" unit, and the additional three as "alarm sounding" units for passengers.

The xFOB can be worn on your wrist, around your neck, or clipped to your PFD or clothing using the available accessories. See Accessory Products, below. You can also just keep the xFOB in your pocket.

The waterproof xFOB is always transmitting a wireless signal when turned on, and has more than 300 hours of battery life - that's typically two full seasons of use for a recreational boater. Full-time commercial users may have to change the battery several times a year.
The xFOB is powered by a readily available, easy-to-change 2032 coin cell lithium battery.

The xHUB base unit connects to your boat's 12 or 24 volt power system and to your engine's stopping system. It can be used on boats with up to three engines.

Designed for use on smaller vessels from 15 to 40 feet with engines equipped with kill switches,* the MOB+ System is ideal for recreational boater safety, recreational and commercial fishermen, kids, and even pets.
With a range of about 50 feet, it can even be used at the dock to alert you if children or pets wander away or fall in the water.

What's in the box....
• MOB+ xHUB unit
• xHUB connection cables
• xHUB antenna (mounts on rear of the xHUB, behind the dashboard)
• (1) xFOB transmitter to get you started
• Waterproof wire butt splices for cable connections
• User Manual

For carrying the xFOB on board, you can choose to combine the MOB+ Basepack with either or both of the xBAND wristwatch style fob holder, or the xTAG Kit - comprised of a floating neck lanyard with fob holder, and also a PFD or clothing clip to hold the fob.
You can also add additional xFOBs to your system if you have several users of your boat.
The wristband xFOB holder comes in colors for convenient user coding. See Accessory Products, below.

MOB+ features...
• Automatic Man-Over-Board detection and engine shut down
• Offers the benefits of a traditional kill switch with complete freedom to move about the vessel at will
• Intuitive and easy to use - with a simple a one-click On/Off user interface
• Compatible with all major Outboard and most Sterndrive engine brands
• Can be used with multi-engine installations or kicker motors
• xHUB dash units are available in red or dark gray
• xFOB low battery alarm
• 12V – 24V compatibility
• Maximum xFOB range is approximately 50 feet
• Compliance certifications - ABYC A-33, E11, CE, FCC


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