Clamping module VAC SYS System
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Clamping module VAC SYS System

Vacuum Clamp - Machine the Workpieces From all Sides in a Single Step
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The new vacuum clamping system VAC SYS makes the seemingly impossible become possible: clamping without limits and no marks left behind.
The vacuum clamping system VAC SYS enables you to machine the workpieces from all sides in a single step. No time-consuming readjustment. Work on the main surface, along the edge or along curves that require 360° rotation of the workpiece and a swivelling range of 90°. The system redefines the concept of freedom and creates the perfect conditions for ergonomic processes.
A firm yet gentle hold on the workpiece surface: the specially moulded cups use the vacuum to clamp the workpiece safely and reliably. The soft, flexible high-quality gaskets are particularly gentle and do not scratch or damage even high gloss polished surfaces.
Do you have a bigger challenge? You can combine two clamping units at the same time for larger, heavier workpieces: simply attach the second clamping unit to first clamping unit, the vacuum pump and the foot valve. Four different vacuum pads can be used individually for different workpiece sizes and shapes. You can connect the VAC SYS to the new Multifunction Table MFT 3 using an adapter plate and fold the VAC SYS down when not in use.
• Workpieces can be turned up to 360° and swivelled up to 90°
• Delicate surfaces can be clamped without damaging them
• Workpieces up to 65 pounds per clamping unit are clamped firmly and safely
• Can be extended by combining a second clamping unit for large workpieces
• Fast changing of workpiece clamp heads
• 4 different head sizes and shapes, can be changed without tools. Round head included, others sold separately.
• Simple release of vacuum clamp using the foot valve
• 198.4 lbs maximum at 0°, 121.2 lbs maximum at 90°
• Vacuum Clamping Unit VAC SYS SE1
• Round 215mm Clamp Head
• Vacuum pump
• Foot valve
• Vacuum hose
Note: Vacuum Pump does not include a Systainer.

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