Clean Agent 5 lb Portable Fire Extinguisher  -  Class 5-B:C

5 Pound Clean Agent Portable Fire Extinguisher - Class 5-B:C

USCG Type B-I • 5 lb Clean Agent
By: Fireboy

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Leaves no residue whatsoever. These handheld units are ideal for areas containing sensitive electronics, such as nav stations, as well as for engine fires. Their extinguishing agent is Halotron™, an environmentally friendlier alternative to the no longer produced Halon agent.
These extinguishers are super pressurized, using argon gas, which enables a user to stand as far as ten feet away from the fire. Upon release, the agent turns instantly into a "heavier than air" gas. As such, it cools and tends to settle and remain in an enclosed space, such as an engine compartment. Applied directly to engines, it causes no cold shock, as with carbon dioxide extinguishers, and thus will not damage the engine or component parts.

• Fully effective on galley fires
• Provides ideal extinguishing capabilities for flammable fluids including gasoline and diesel fuel
• The fire-suppressant agent is a non-conductor of electrical current
• Steel cylinder
• UL listed
• US Coast Guard approved, when used with the included vehicle mounting bracket
• Discharge time: 9 seconds
• Discharge distance: 10 ft

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