MA2 Series Manual⁄Automatic Fire Extinguishers  -  HFC-227ea Agent

MA2 Manual/Automatic Fire Extinguisher - HFC-227ea Agent

25-1,500 Cu Ft • Automatic or Optional Manual Discharge
By: Fireboy

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On board, on guard, 24 hours a day - the safest way to combat an engine room fire.
No operator intervention is required to extinguish a fire, but optional manual release is available (requires purchase of a Fireboy activation cable), see Related Products, below.

The clean, heptafluoropropane (HFC-227ea) agent is approved for occupied spaces, and is also approved for use in Europe. (HFC-227ea agent is also marketed as FM-200® and FE-227™.)
When 175°F (79°C) is reached, the extinguisher will automatically discharge, releasing the clean agent gas to totally flood the entire space, smothering the fire.

When calculating engine compartment volume, use the maximum compartment dimensions, and DO NOT deduct for engines, fixed tanks, etc.
If in doubt, always select the larger model size for adequate protection.
Do not use more than one extinguisher in a compartment.

• Automatic or Manual override discharge
• Manual discharge capability requires the installation of a Fireboy® brand High Temperature Manual Discharge Cable (see Related Products, below)
• Total flooding of engine rooms up to 1500 cubic feet
• Clean agent leaves no water or powdery residue to clean up
• Vertical, upward angled, or horizontal mounting allowed
• Each system includes SS mounting brackets, a helm station panel-mounted system status indicator light, and owner's manual/installation instructions
• See Specification Table for overall dimensions
• USCG approved; approved to EN ISO 9094-1 and EN ISO 9094-2 Standards by Bureau Veritas, RINA, and Factory Mutual
• WARNING: Compartments containing diesel engines require the installation of an Automatic Engine Shut-Down System with these extinguishers for proper function - see Related Products, below; USCG regulations require a system status panel for each helm station; for inspected vessels, a helm-mounted Manual Discharge Cable is required
• Factory refillable - except when the discharge is the result of a fire
• 3-year limited warranty

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