3 Burner Galley Gas Ranges
3 Burner Galley Gas Ranges

Marine Gas Stove with Three Burner Cooktop Range

Gimbaled Stove with Oven and Broiler • Available with All Stainless Steel Door or SS Door with Viewing Window

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Extremely popular, Force 10 Marine Stoves have all the features boaters look for including gimballed stability for cooking underway, durable stainless steel construction, flame-out protection on all burners, a temperature controlled oven with a broiler, electronic spark ignition, and a slide away oven door with viewing window.
A nice addition is an included set of pot holders for each burner on the cooktop.

Force 10 three-burner gas stoves are available in 5 sizes.
All have one 8200 BTU and two 3400 BTU top burners, and an oven with a 5100 BTU burner, and a 5500 BTU broiler.

Features —
• Gimballed to maintain a level cooking surface in a seaway
• Heavy gauge stainless steel construction
• Thermocouple protection on all burners — shuts off gas flow if flame goes out
• Thermostatically controlled oven with a broiler
• Push-button electronic spark ignition
• Typically installed with gimballing enabled, but can be "built-in" if desired
• A set of rail-mounted, adjustable, stainless steel pot holders is included for each burner on the stovetop
• For convenience an "in harbor" locking mechanism secures the gimbal when cooking at the dock
• Adjustable height oven shelf
• Slide away oven door saves space and maintains gimbal balance
• Oven door can be secured in a partially open position
• Oven door can be locked for safety when underway
• Removable top grate and very attractive polished stainless burner caps
• Door options - American Standard model (only) is available with or without viewing window
• Fuel inlet on all stoves is a standard 3/8" male flare fitting
• CE and AGA approvals
• 2-year warranty

Fuel options —
All models have a 3/8" 45° SAE male flare fuel fitting, which is a standard North American low pressure (0.44 psi/30 mbar) propane inlet. This is designed to accept a 3/8" fuel line terminating in a 3/8" female flare fitting.
All Force 10 gas stoves can run on propane or butane (common in Europe) with no modification.
The use of CNG fuel requires special burners which must be ordered at the time of purchase, or can be professionally retrofitted to existing stoves.

Installation Notes —
• The cut-out height dimension in the specification table is with the top of the burner grate level with your countertop. (This includes 2.3" of space under the stove to allow for the gimbal swing.)
• If you are gimbaling the stove, we recommend a cutout depth which will allow for 30° of gimbal to accomodate rough weather, or heeling when sailing.
• The cut-out width dimension in the specification table includes the gimbal knobs on each side.
• The depth dimension in the specification table does not include the gas connection on the back, which protrudes beyond the back of the stove. This is typically not an issue if gimballing is enabled.
• Trim kits for built-in installations are available for standard height models only. See Accessory Products, below.

The following links to the Product Dimension Sheets for these 3 Burner Stoves will allow you to acertain the required stove cutout dimensions, gimbal swing angles, and even whether or not the stove will fit through your companionway.

Click here for installation dimensions for the 63351 (window) & 60351 (no window) American Standard stoves (21.6"W x 21.25"H).

Click here for installation dimensions for the 63353 American Compact stove (21.6"W x 19.0"H).

Click here for installation dimensions for the 63356 European Standard stove (20.0"W x 21.25"H).

Click here for installation dimensions for the 63358 European Compact stove (20.0"W x 19.0"H).

Click here for installation dimensions for the 63354 European Sub-Compact stove (20.0"W x 17.0"H).

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