LanoCote Corrosion Control Spray - 8 oz Spray

Superior Corrosion Prevention for All Types of Metals

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LanoCote® is a superior, long-lasting marine grade rust and corrosion control in paste or spray form.
It is extremely effective in preventing and stopping corrosion on all types of metals under all environmental conditions. LanoCote also prevents dissimilar metal galvanic corrosion.

LanoCote is specially formulated to withstand salt water marine conditions. Its thick, lanolin-based formulation stays put and does not dry out, harden, evaporate, or wash off.
It is particularly useful in preventing thread seizure due to corrosion on boats and machinery, and is ideal for protecting sailboat rigging.

Applied during assembly, LanoCote will greatly assist in dismantling many years later. For example, use it on the threads of anchor shackles, which are regularly immersed in salt water.

• Displaces water - removing the major cause of corrosion
• Absorbs existing corrosion
• Forms a moisture barrier to prevent further corrosion
• Penetrates the microscopic pores in whatever it is applied to, sealing the surface and providing additional protection from corrosion
• Provides high lubricity
• Non-toxic; 100% natural ingredients
• Contains spreading and conditioning agents
• Protects against acids, alkalis, and salts

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