Coppa 5000

Coppa 5000

Double Braid • 12-Strand Dyneema SK78 Core with "Grippy" 24-Plait Technora/Polyester Cover

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Coppa 5000 has a 12 strand sk78 Dyneema® color matched core and a 24 Plait Polyester cover which is comprised of 50% Technora and 50% Brushed Polyester.
The unique cover holds well in ratchet and winch applications and is more durable than standard Polyester covered products.
Additionally Coppa feels very grippy in the hand, even when wet.

This product is a favorite for main, jib and spinnaker applications, and popular for highly loaded control lines. Used extensively by many top level dinghy and sports boat teams in Europe.

Heavy on the technical side...

Dynema® is the Dutch company DSM Dyneema's brand of UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene fiber), a long chain, high strength, oriented strand, synthetic fiber with very high strength as well as high abrasion resistance.
This fiber is also known as HMPE (High Modulus PolyEthylene).
Dyneema is available in a number of formulations, SK-60, SK-75, SK-78, SK-90, etc. Each progressively stronger and more expensive.
Of particular interest these days is the difference between Dyneema SK75 and SK78. Dyneema SK78 has the same high strength of SK75, but with lower creep (non-recoverable stretch).

Honeywell International produces a similar UHMWPE fiber, marketed as Spectra®
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458006FSE COP5-5.5WWB COP5-5.5WWBLoading...Coppa 5000 - 5.5 mm (Blue/White/Black)Loading...
458007FSE COP5-5.5BWB COP5-5.5BWBLoading...Coppa 5000 - 5.5 mm (Black/White/Black)Loading...
458008FSE COP5-5.5RWB COP5-5.5RWBLoading...Coppa 5000 - 5.5 mm (Red/White/Black)Loading...
458009FSE COP5-7WWB COP5-7WWBLoading...Coppa 5000 - 7 mm (Blue/White/Black)Loading...
458010FSE COP5-7BWB COP5-7BWBLoading...Coppa 5000 - 7 mm (Black/White/Black)Loading...
458011FSE COP5-7RWB COP5-7RWBLoading...Coppa 5000 - 7 mm (Red/White/Black)Loading...
458012FSE COP5-9WWB COP5-9WWBLoading...Coppa 5000 - 9 mm (Blue/White/Black)Loading...
458013FSE COP5-9BWB COP5-9BWBLoading...Coppa 5000 - 9 mm (Black/White/Black)Loading...
458014FSE COP5-9RWB COP5-9RWBLoading...Coppa 5000 - 9 mm (Red/White/Black)Loading...
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