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Fulton's Wheel Bearing Protector replaces the dust cap in the axle hub and keeps the hub constantly filled with grease.

With this bearing protector, the hub is filled with grease using a grease gun and the fitting visible in the center of the piston of the protector. This spring-loaded piston then holds a slight, constant, pressure inside the hub.
When wheels are submerged, this higher pressure, together with the hub being full of grease, keeps out water.

The piston rides on an O-ring seal. Any inadvertant attempt to overfill the hub forces the piston out beyond the O-ring, and excess grease escapes around the edge of the piston.
This automatic pressure control feature limits pressure in the hub to 3 psi to protect the rear seals from rupture.

Since, with the Bearing Protector the hub is full of grease, the bearings are constantly lubricated and the rear seals last longer as they ride on a lubricated surface.

• Protects wheel bearings from the elements during all trailer operations
• Automatically maintains the correct internal pressure - cannot damage seals
• Chrome-plated steel construction

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