Single Speed Manual Trailer Winch

Single Speed Manual Trailer Winch

Ratchet Winches - Up to 1,800 lb. Loads

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These pulling, or ratchet-type, winches have the ability to pull cable freely from the drum to attach it to the load, the handle spins when this is done. They are not self-locking, like a brake winch or worm gear winch and are only recommended where the freewheeling characteristic is of primary importance. This lack of a self-locking feature makes them unsuitable for hoisting or lifting applications, so they are only recommended for horizontal or incline pulling, such as pulling a boat onto a trailer.
Although these winches are intended for using the ratchet function in both directions (recommended), the load is sometimes lowered by releasing the pawl and turning the handle in the reverse direction. When used in this fashion, you will still have the mechanical advantage of the gearing, but you must control the load and the speed of the handle as there is no brake.

• A general ratchet winch sizing guideline is to choose a winch whose capacity is half the total weight of the boat, or load, it must pull. The winch should be sized larger in high friction situations or where the boat must be towed a long way onto the trailer. It can be smaller if the boat can float most of the way onto the trailer
• Freewheel ability when the ratchet (pawl) is disengaged
• Efficient gear ratios, full-length drum bearings and comfort grip handle for cranking ease
• Gears are high-carbon steel for strength and durability
• Zinc-plated, stamped carbon steel frames provide rigidity for gear alignment and longer life
• Max. pull is for first layer on drum; at full drum pull is approximately one half of maximum
• All models are designed for use with rope or strap - cannot use wire cable
• Straps and rope are sold separately
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364036FUL T600 0101 T600 0101Loading...Single Speed Manual Trailer Winch, 600 lbs., 34:1Loading...
364037FUL 142001 142001Loading...Single Speed Manual Trailer Winch, 900 lbs., 39:1Loading...
364024FUL 142100 142100Loading...Single Speed Manual Trailer Winch, 1100 lbs., 43:1Loading...
364025FUL 142103 142103Loading...Single Speed Manual Trailer Winch, 1300 lbs., 49:1Loading...
364027FUL 142200 142200Loading...Single Speed Manual Trailer Winch, 1500 lbs., 49:1Loading...
364030FUL 142300 142300Loading...Single Speed Manual Trailer Winch, 1800 lbs., 62:1Loading...
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